Goals Tracking problem


I was getting very frustrated with Goal Tracking in Piwik today, because I have about 35 goals setup for the last year, and they are now in the wrong order from what I need.

Anyway, to cut a long, sad story short. I went into PHPmyAdmin and re-arranged them by idgoal in the database by changing the numbers.

Was all very happy with myself, and then realised that the Piwik install was still using the original data positions, so in essence I had messed up a year of goal tracking.

So, then I decided to delete all the goals and start again.

I have now deleted all the goals, with the thought in mind of adding them in again in the right order.

However, when I add them in, it is remembering the conversions from the previous IDs.

ie I now have just 1 goal.

Previously in ID1 was a different goal.

But in Piwik it is still displaying the conversion data from that goal back weeks, as though it were this one.

I really don’t want to have to nuke the whole Piwik install, because it has a year of data, but I am flummoxed as to how to fix this.

Any ideas?


I guess you mean " I want to be able to order Goals " which would be a new feature?

No. That would be nice, and the lack of it is what set me on this particular path.

But this is actually a problem I need to figure out.

I re-ordered the 35 goals by changing idgoal in PHPmyAdmin.

That worked, in as far as the names changed and the order ‘appeared’ to change in Piwik itself.

But when I took a closer look at the goals that were being recorded and the keywords associated with them, it became clear that regardless of what the goal was labelled as, it was still recording the old goal (which I could no longer remember, because I had changed the order).

So for example, if the site was about types of soup and the order was originally:

Chicken Soup
Pea Soup
Ham Soup
Onion Soup

Then after the change to idgoal in PHPmyAdmin it looked like this in Piwik: (I also deleted a couple)

Ham soup
Onion Soup
Chicken Soup

BUT - Ham soup was recording the keywords and goals for Chicken Soup, Onion Soup was recording the goals and keywords for Pea Soup, and Chicken Soup was recording the goals and keywords for Onion Soup etc.

And this was complicated by the fact that I deleted a couple of goals in PHPmyAdmin; so I had no idea of what the original order was.

I ended up deleting all the goals in PHPmyAdmin with the ‘plan’ of just paying the ‘should have backed up’ tax, and start again by re-inputting the goals I needed, and starting with a blank slate.

HOWEVER - that is the problem.

Even after I deleted ALL of the goals in PHPmyAdmin. And then just put in 1 goal in Piwik to get started, I notice that it is still showing Chicken Soup keywords and goals, even though it is setup as Ham Soup.

I am now not sure how to add ANY goals to Piwik, without having them associated with the (wrong) old goals that I deleted, rather then just having them collect data afresh as though they were new goals.

That is the part I wanted help with.

Try to delete files in tmp/cache/tracker/* and refresh? does it fix your problem?

I have some problem too with you?
Have you try to delete files in your cache folder? Maybe it can help

No, it didn’t work. I deleted the contents of the tmp folder. Same thing.

I also just tried adding in a second goal (that I know previously was NOT the second goal), and it is still showing the chart of conversions above stretching back months, which is presumably the data from the previous goal.

Is there any way of finding out what data piwik is still attaching to each idgoal? (ie in terms of idgoal3 = this name and this url etc)

At least if I know that I could re-assign the same goals to whatever order the goals system in Piwik.

Any idea Matt as to how to:

1/ Find out what url Piwik is still associating with a particular id?

2/ Make it so that I can add a goal fresh without it associating with a past deleted goal?

Still stumped…


Clearly the info is in Piwik somewhere, but it doesn’t seem to be in the goals area of the database, because that only has the new entries???