Goals do no work on my 3.0.1 installation / false pageviews

One of the first widgets in my dashboard I missed after upgrading was the survey of the requested pages (I guess it is calles pageview).

Maybe this is a (the) problem? false pageviews

    All Websites dashboard
    (Total: 3,559 visits, false pageviews, 536 actions, 0 revenue)

Thus I defined some goals in the hope to get this back but none of them are working. We use a piwik installation behind a reverse proxy. Thus do I defined goals : Goal is triggered when Visit a given URL (page or group of pages) Pattern contains: /bibl/

But I get none trigger althouth I have a lot of visits.

I guess, I solve the problem: The Actions (Core) Plugin was inactiv.

Suggestion: inactive Core Modules should get a pink background.