Goal with certain string doesn't work

I defined several goals to check the usage of certain site collectiosn. These goals are all built very similar.

  1. Goal name: varies, of course
  2. “Goal is triggered” -> “when visitors” -> “Visit a given URL (page or group of pages)”
  3. “where the URL” -> “contains” -> “Record/XY”

There’s only a difference in XY, see also my screenshots.

XY = Record/NL works: [attachment 1371 goal_works.png]
XY = Record/DO doesn’t work: [attachment 1372 goal_does_not_work.png]

All pages with /DOAJ are not tracked. Pages with =“DOAJ” or tracked, at least sometimes. I have no explanation.

I use PIWIK 1.12 with javascript embed.

PS: I already asked in German subforum, but got no answer.

If you create a new website in your piwik, can you re-produce this issue? it should work…

Thanks for your answer!

Yes, it works correctly in a new PIWIK website. Can you give me an advice what I should do next?

I think, Import/Export functionnality for Sites and Administrative data · Issue #1879 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub would be helpful. But this is a 3 year old, low priority ticket.

Can someone give me a hint what I could do to solve my problem?