Goal settings for "downloading a file" when using more than 1 dir

Hi that’s maybe a simple thing to do but I cannot think of a way so far…

I got a site that uses a catalog with artworks.
on each artwork page there are 5 images for that specific artwork, the 2 of which exist in a different directory “/images/artwork/…” than the rest 3 which come from another directory “/thumbs/…” which exists outside “images” directory, elsewhere.

Those directory paths have nothing in common so that I can use that as the “contains” in a goal, in order to create a goal named “Viewing Artworks” using “Download a file”.

I have so far succeeded in creating a goal with the following settings:

Goal Name: Viewing Artworks
Goal is triggered: when visitor >> Download a file
where the filename: contains >> "images/artwork"
Allow multiple conversions per visit: Allow Goal to be converted more than once per visit

So, of course I can create another goal for the other directory “/thumbs/…”, but is there a way to include both in 1 goal so that the stats for viewing artworks comes from all those images ?

I will be thankful to know if someone can help with this :slight_smile:

EDIT: //
the only solution I can see so far is to make the goal so that it “contains” >> ".jpg"
not so smart, but hope there is a better solution to this :slight_smile:

The best way to track this, would be to call piwikTracker.trackGoal(X) in javascript when user click on the image (you would have to write a bit of extra javascript)… otherwise matching on .jpg sounds good :wink:

thanks mat for your answer, unfortunately I got no idea about javascript :smiley:

well I guess in a later version of Piwik we got to see additional fields to the “contains” area also including the “and” / “or” / “exclude”

Would be also important to be able to separate such goal like the one I am talking about above, to 2 different goals.

1 for the images opening from your site,
and 1 for the images opening from google images for example (hotlinked ones)

the the best part would also be to be able to group those 2 goals into 1 so you can have stats for each one separately but also from both as 1

Use a regular expression, e.g., (images|thumbs)

Anthon thanks !