Goal conversion rate: wrong metrics shown?


Hi there,

I have defined a goal on my website and after a while now, i checked how many conversions I got on this goal.

In a given week, the Website had 621 direct visits an 5 conversions. Now i was wondering, why the conversion-rate was at 0.96%? Because 5 / 621 * 100 = 0,805, which is a little less.

I downloaded the data as CSV an found out, that the conversion rate’s calculation base is the unique visitors number which is 523. But why isn’t that number shown in the table in the first place? That would make more sense to me.

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

in latest RC, we don’t display “general conversion rate” as it is meaningless for Referrers (since a conversion is credited to the original (first or last) referrer who brought the visit initially)

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