Goal and Site Seach Problem

Ok, this is a not a new installation of Piwik, but it is a new website. Running the latest version 1.10.1 – appreciate all who have made this software possible!

Here are the two (very frustrating) issues…

  1. Goal - Have defined a new goal, it is the only one so has an ID of 1. Have added the

into a input type="submit’ button. However the Goal is not tracked. No error or anything, the main Piwik code is on every page as it is included in a footer. Not even sure how to troubleshoot this. I’ve verified it is in the page I’m clicking the button on by viewing source. No errors are shown or thrown, page seems to function fine.

  1. Site Search - Our query parameter looks like this /search.cfm?ps=searchstring. I added ‘ps’ to the list of query parameters. Nothing is being tracked. I know Piwik is doing something with it because this page is NOT shown in the regular Page Titles data. If I remove ‘ps’ they are shown, add ‘ps’ and they are not shown and nothing is shown on the Site Search page.

Please help, it’s tracking visitors and regular pages just fine.

Just an update that the Site Search is working but very intermittently. I would say 1 in 20 times that I try it, Piwik will register it as a Site Search.

wow, so no one even has a suggestion for me? Did I not supply enough information? Am I just out of luck, is this something that many people experience?

don’t ask 2 questions per post in genreal, this is not good practise.

Site search works for me and others. not sure…

For your goal issue, I saw you posted at StackOverflow. Just make sure you have a goal set, and you are using the right goal number and it should work.