'go' Button in Piwik 1.8.3


We are running Piwik v1.8.3 and we always see the go button next to the Language drop down.

we have set English as our default language and go button goes off when we select and click go.

comes back when we refresh our browser or select the date range.

is there a configuration to disable ?

Thanks in advance.


Do you same behavior on the demo.piwik.org ?
have you customized piwik at all or plain piwik? try in different brower? Try delete tmp/assets/* files to reset the javascript?


On the demo.piwik.org, if I click on dashboard and all websites, I see the go button momentarily and it goes off once the page loads up. On my piwik, it stays there until you manually click go.

I do not have any files under /tmp/assets/ folder to delete.


Can you please try update to latest 1.9 beta ?

if it does not fix the issue, please try with another browser?

If not, please send Piwik URL + login + pwd + bug description by email at matt@piwik i’ll take a look

Hi Matt,

I tried the latest version Piwik 1.8.4 and I do not see this problem. I did the upgrade by renaming the config/config.php file and running installation process, reuse existing database.

The version of the piwik interface still shows 1.8.3 ? is there a datascript I need to run or what ?