Glitch in "All Websites" dashboard

This is weird. Now that I have all 12 of my current sites tracking live, I tend to keep the stats open on the “All Websites” dashboard, set to view the current month by default.

I’ve noticed a trend where when some of the lower traffic sites don’t have any visitors for the period being archived (archive is running via cron every 2hrs), those sites will drop down to zeros… zeros in the all websites dashboard, and zeros on their individual dashboards.

Even if I let the archiving continue as normal, those sites will not return to their full counts in the month overview or in the site dashboard until I manually run a --force-all-periods run of archive.php from the shell.

I don’t really want to push archiving to more than 2hrs since the higher traffic websites make the processing take longer when I wait longer (one site does between 60k-100k visitors per week, most of the others anywhere between 100-5000 per week, and the 3-4 lowest get maybe 500 per month)

So, other than manually running the --force-all-websites once or twice a day, how do I keep my current month view actually current with data?

Thanks for the report - I thought I fixed this issue but maybe not - are you using 1.9.2 version ?

wow… forgot about this thread :slight_smile:

No, I’m still running 1.9 on both my installations… mostly just waiting for the bug reports to settle down.

please dont report bugs on old versions as we fix many bugs in each version