getWideScreen Method Does Not Exist


I just upgraded to the new 2.10.0 from 2.8.0.

When I try to email a report with all reports enabled, I receive the following error. Please advise.

API returned an error: The method ‘getWideScreen’ does not exist or is not available in the module ‘\Piwik\Plugins\UserSettings\API’. at Proxy.php:474



Looks like a whole bunch of methods might be missing now. See screenshot attached.


(Stefan Giehl) #3

Could you please have a look at the directory piwik/plugins/UserSettings/Reports ?
It should only contain the files listed here: piwik/plugins/UserSettings/Reports at 2.10.0 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub


I have more files in there as the link you sent me only has three. Should I delete the others?


(Stefan Giehl) #5

Seems they were not removed while updating.
Better solution might be to completely remove and reupload piwik, as there might be other files…
Don’t forget to backup your config before removing, so you can simply reuse it again after reuploading.


Thanks. That did the trick. Can I use this method of upgrading all the time instead of overwriting?