Getting Piwik to work on WPEngine using wp crontrol

Hi there Piwik community!

I’m trying to get Piwik to play nice with WPEngine. I’ve installed it on my staging site:

And the javascipt code DOES exist on every page: in the <head>

But it’s not recording any visits ( see below ). I’ve checked and the install was able to create the tables in the database and I reached out to WPEngine and this is what he had to say:

So it looks like the issue is where that cron would need to be placed, rather that the cron type. Piwik looks to need a cron configured on the server and on our platform it doesn’t work that way. You are able to set crons up however per install and we do recommend the wp crontrol plugin for that. I would check with the dev to see if there is a way to impliment that with Piwik

Is there something I can do to enable this on the site? I’m not 100% sure where to turn for this… but any help would be appreciated.

Here’s what Piwik is saying: