Getting more granular performance data than "day"


Under BehaviourPerformance, I can get some performance information on a site over various different periods of time (also via API, with period=…). But it appears that “day” is the shortest period we can query?

However, when “day” is selected, the performance page generates some graphs over what appears to be the past 24 hours:


From this, I assume that Matomo does have some more granular information on the performance stored somewhere after all. Is there a way to access that information via the API?

No, thats the last 30 days (in case “day” was selected as reporting interval)

Oh, that seems right. The graph today looks identical to the one I’ve posted in the original message, just shifted to the left a little. Thanks!

So does this mean that there is no way to gather more granular performance data from Matomo (e.g. over the past 1 or 5 minutes, or even 1 hour)?

The reporting interface is limited to daily data (except the time of day reports). But you can still pull that data (BI software, automated, etc.) from the log_link_visit_action table and analyze the data more granular from there.

Or as an alternative, you can use CustomReports - First Dimension “visit hour”, metric Dom Completion time, network time, transfer time, etc.

Looks like this:

OK, thank you very much for the pointers! I will check those options out once I get around it (I assume CustomReports is this plugin here?)

Correct! (fillling 20 characters minimum message size)