Getting HTTP Status 404 on tomcat

(Saharey) #1

I installed piwik as described in install section at, means I have tomcat server up and running I unzipped the piwik “” at “<tomcat_home_dir>/webapps” which created a folder “piwik”, resatrted tomcat server and when I tried to access piwik through using link “” in Mozilla I get following error:

HTTP Status 404 - /piwik/
type Status report
message /piwik/
description The requested resource (/piwik/) is not available.

One more thing does piwik still does not support PHP 5.1?

Can anyone help me out in this regard I will be thankful to you.

(vipsoft) #2

Piwik requires at least php 5.1.3.

However, your Tomcat server may not be able to serve up PHP.