Getting errors for archiving from server + server outage


I keep getting errors from server when piwik wants to do the archiving.
PLUS, this causes server outage and high response time.
PLUS, some reports are getting corrupted like Referrers and Keywords.

Error content:

Querying Piwik API at:
Running Piwik 1.12 as Super User: admin
ERROR: Got invalid response from API request: Response was 'curl_exec: couldn't connect to host'
ERROR: The Piwik URL does not seem to be pointing to a Piwik server. Response was ''.

Dedicated server
Archiving enabled (every 2 hours)
PDO engine for mysql enabled
Xcache for php installed
php 5.4.20
daily pagevisits totall about 1 million

cpu > i7 950 - 4 cores - 2.66Ghz
RAM > 8 gig

Is the problem my server tech specs, or I should do something in piwik?


What are the problems? have you setup as explained in How to Set up Auto-Archiving of Your Reports - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Yes I have done the archiving as explained.

The problem is that sometimes archiving process cause the server to outage and high response time.
It takes a lot of memory and my DB size is really huge.

Can you please check whether your MySQL user has the FILE permission (LOAD DATA INFILE). You can do that by navigating to Settings > System Check.

Otherwise: How many visits do you track?


Yes it has the permission.
My daily pagevisits totall about 1 million.

2 days ago I increased the RAM to 24 gig and memory_limit to 8 gig.
The memory_limit problem for archiving is now gone, but the server is really slow at peak times of the day.

I consulted with my datacenter and they said in your Apache Status in WHM there are a lot of …reading… requests which maybe results in server slowness, high response time and outage.
So I reduced the apache timeout from 300 seconds to 200 seconds. I’m still monitoring if this can solve the problem or not.

My questions is that if this …reading… reauests in apache status are because of Piwik?
And what is the solution to solve it? What is the minimum timeout suitable for Piwik to function in my Apache config?