Getting custom reports to work with user ID for all time ranges

(Ray Weidner) #1

I’m trying to create a report for unique visitors per organization. For this, I selected User Organization as the dimension, and unique user ID as the metric. This generates accurate reports for individual days. However, it fails to do so for any other date range: weeks, months, years, or custom ranges. When I try to display those ranges, I get this message:

No data is shown because this report only contains metrics that are not supported by the selected period (Unique User IDs).

I’ve tried the same thing with unique visitors, and I get the same result. I found a FAQ (How do I enable "Unique Visitors" metric for Yearly reports and for Custom Date Ranges? FAQ - Analytics Platform - Matomo) that states that these metrics are, by default, not generated for years and custom ranges. In my case, I’m not getting weeks or months, either. Our IT updated the config and it didn’t help. Incidentally, they couldn’t find the config.ini file, but they did find config.ini.php with the same contents.

Any suggestions? Is there something we need to configure, or is it possible that something is setup wrong or this is even a bug?