Getting auth challenge after inserting tracking code

I really like Piwik so far, but I’ve had to remove the tracking code from my sites until I figure this out.

I’ve been getting HTTP auth challenges on sites containing the Piwik tracking code. I’ve searched a little for this and have found nothing. Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone know why this would happen? I would like to continue using Piwik, but I can’t have users coming across auth challenges.

Those auth challenges are clearly empty, as clicking on “cancel” allows the user to proceed to the site. But this intrusion is still unacceptable. I’d appreciate any help I can get.

This is most likely because the Piwik directory itself is protected via HTTP_AUTH

THe piwik directory should NOT be protected by HTTP_AUTH because otherwise anyone being tracked would also trigger this auth

Thanks, Matt. That solves it for me. I’ll look into protecting my Piwik dir with an Apache directive instead of .htaccess.