getCustomVariablesValuesFromNameId, but not all entries


we use getCustomVariablesValuesFromNameId method to get stats about custom variables. we have extremely many custom variables, so we need a way to get just several of them. getCustomVariablesValuesFromNameId returns all custom variables, thats to much result …

is there a solution for that or should we just dublicate and hack this method?

what exactly do you want, all values for a custom variable name ? or a specific list of custom variable names ?

You can use the parameters &label= to restrict to a list of labels (comma separated), label can be custom variable name for example.

hi matt,

great thank you, this was exactly what I searched …
on the API page this (param. label is useable) was not descriped

You’re welcome, I updated the doc on: to better show this parameter which is quite useful indeed :slight_smile:

I tried to add 2 values to &label -> &label=10000,10001

I get no data. If I use only 1 value it works …

in docs writes:

but for the moment I use BulkAPI request, they work for now … but multiple label values would be nicer :smiley:

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