Get referrerName via API


I am struggling to see if it is possible to get some visitor information from the API.

I use the following API call and I can get the Keywords that a particular visitor (based on their IP) used:

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This works great. However, I also want to see the Referrer Name (i.e. who referred them). In the Database, for my test I can see referer_name is Google. I want to know which referrer sent this visitor?

I’ve tried (and this returns nothing)
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I want to see if Google, Bing, Facebook, twitter etc… sent this visitor with this IP.

Is it possible?

I know I could do an API call for each like: referrerName==Google but I don’t want to send of 10 API calls with different referrerNames!!

You could try instead to use the Live API: Real Time Analytics - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Hi Matt,

Thanks, that worked!

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