Get IPs of returning visitors who bounce

Hi everyone,

I have noticed that I have many visitors on my site who return several times but always bounce (i.e. leave) immediately.
Since those come all via my Google ads for the most popular keywords, I have the feeling that they might be competitors who want to use up my Adwords budget so that their own ads rank higher.

Thus, I want to monitor the IP adresses of the bouncing returning visitors. If I see a pattern, I can then exclude those suspicious IPs from Adwords.

Any hints how I could accomplish this task in piwik?

Thanks for your help!


You can query DB directly -

SELECT idvisitor, inet_ntoa(conv(hex(location_ip), 16, 10)), count(1)
FROM piwik_log_visit
WHERE visitor_returning = 1 AND visit_total_actions = 1
GROUP BY idvisitor
ORDER BY count(1) DESC

This of course requires you don’t prune log files. Alter LIMIT to whathever suits you, example above returns TOP 100 returning bouncers.


Works nicely! Thank you very much!