Get IP for own traffic exclusion through dynamic DNS


I have no static IP, but still want to exclude/ignore all traffic from my network.
For this, setting cookies is not very practical, as they can be deleted, and there can be quite a number of devices and browsers even in a small network.

So, my idea would be a script, that gets my networks IP by looking up my dynDNS account,
and then excludes requests based on that.
The lookup would need to be cron-sheduled with caching the ip, as discussed in an old Post of mine, when i first installed Google Analytics.
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I forgot about that idea, but now as i installed piwik, i got reminded.

I think this could be useful for many ppl, and i guess quite easy to implement.
what if one could just add dynDNS names to the list of excluded ip’s?

after some more searching, i found that this has been discussed before, but with little impact:,52171
sorry for me not finding this before posting.

I hope to get some more answers pro-con, and maybe thoughts towards an implementation?
To prevent answers towards "use cookies"
I’d like to put emphasis again on the fact, that cookies are not a reasonable solution, if you have to exclude all traffic from a whole network, like an office.


I wrote a summary of all “exclude traffic by hostname”- related posts over at
Make Global list of Excluded IPs accept domains ?
in that post, there’s also a solution mentioned using a shell-script.
So maybe add new posts there.


There’s now a plugin, called ExcludeByDDNS (currently in alpha, but it works).
It can be installed via the marketplace.
It’s homepage is