Get Graph on Unique Visitors


Using static embedded graphs for my site. Working fine so far. Got a bunch of pretty charts but my boss asked me for “unique visitors” evolution graph

I’m stuck. I can’t get such a graph. The following code worked fine:


But when I try to get getUniqueVisitors I get:

Invalid API module and/or Action

This is my URL


Any help would be much appreciated.


You were almost there, the correct parameter is: &columns=



Thanks for your help Matt

Given the above shouldnt the following work as well? I get No data for this graph

Please don’t reactivate so old posts (8 years old!!).
Prefer to cite another post than reactivate one…


(removed &columns=nb_uniq_visitors)

As this post is very old, the API has probably changed a little bit…

I apologize for re-opening and many thanks for your reply