Get a report with multiple dimension breakdown using Reporting API

I’m trying to generate a report with multiple dimensions using the reporting API but I couldn’t get three dimensions together. For example event category, event action and event names… I could only get the first two. Or say I want to get countries and event category breakdown, I can’t find a place to select the dimensions and metrics I want, I get only the predetermined ones basically. Does the API only get data from aggregated tables and not create the report from raw data?

It seems you speak about the Custom Reports premium feature…
In this case, you should ask directly to the support team: shop at innocraft dot com

Is it though? It’s the API, not the custom reports module. I’m trying to create the report in Google sheets with Apps Script using this guide:

Hi @onder_val ,

Please get in touch with Support team at, so that your request is managed in a timely manner.