Geolocation - City not visible

im using Piwik 3.0.5 and paid version of MaxMind GeoIP v2 database (GeoIP2-City.mmdb).
I have issue that i am not able to see city on dashboard / visitor logs / map.
I checked database and location_city column is (NULL).
When im checking Piwik Geolocation settings, it show correct city for my current location.

Is here atleast some user which is using newest Piwik with MaxMind GeoIP v2 paid database which is not affected by this issue?


It seems like the (third-party) GeoIP2 plugin has a bug which makes it not work since Piwik 3. You can read more about it here:

Allright it seems to be reason of issue.
Is there any way then to have accurate data on dashboard / map including city for now?

I am not up to date on that topic, but doesn’t the “old” GeoIP work well enough until the issue is fixed?