GeoIPOrg Not Working?


I have installed Piwik on a server running PHP 5.4 in this directory: /analytics

I have attached a “before” screenshot to show what my settings looked like by default.

Then, I purchased Maxmind’s GeoIP Organization database, and upload GeoIPOrg.dat to /analytics/misc

I have attached a screenshot that shows that the database seems to be recognized, but is not displaying org or ISP info. Based on Piwik documentation, I was expecting GeoIP (Php) to be available and “installed” once I uploaded the GeoIPOrg.dat file, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I do not see organization data in Visitors > Visitor Log or Visitors > Locations & Provider either.

Am I missing a step or is this a possible bug? Thanks.


At the bootom of the GeoIP-page you should see a section where you can select between the free and the purchased GeoIP-Databases.
Click that you have purchased Databases.
You will now see a form where you can enter the HTTP-addresses of your Databases(it could also be, that you see this screen directly, as you have already uploaded a file).
Enter the download-address into the organization field and set the update-interval to weekly.

Now PIWIK will take care of updating your DBs.


I don’t see where I can choose between free and purchased databases, but I do have the auto-download URL setup for the Organization database I’ve purchased. I have it set for monthly downloads.

However, I still do not see Organization data being fed into Piwik. As I mentioned earlier, the database seems to be recognized in the “after” screenshot, but data isn’t coming through. Thoughts? Thanks.


Yeah it somehow seems recognized, but only partly:
As you correctly mentioned before, “GeoIP(PHP)” should be labeled “installed”(see my screenshot).

I would recommend you to delete the GeoIpOrg.dat on the server, reload the GeoIP-page in Piwik(now you should get the screen where you can chose) and then enter the download URL for your Database. When you click continue, a progress bar, indicating that the download is working, should show up.
After another reload of the page you should have the “installed”-label at GeoIP(PHP).


I removed the .dat file from the server and re-did the Organization database pull down. Piwik successfully pulled down the GeoIPOrg.dat file and I verified it on the server. However, everything still matches the “after” screenshot; it seems to be partially recognized. GeoIP (PHP) is still marked as “uninstalled.”

My client’s site is hosted with GoDaddy. After updating PHP to 5.4, it passed the Piwik install. Could there be a server conflict I need to address with GoDaddy?

Thanks for your time on this issue.

(Matthieu Aubry) #6

Personnally I haven’t tested the paid Org DB in months, so it’s possible the feature is not working anymore. Maybe you can open a ticket at with steps to reproduce the issue and we’ll take a look! thanks


Will do, thanks!