GeoIPCity.dat file keeps being renamed

I’ve noticed a problem since v2.1.0. I use GeoIP (PHP) and rename the ‘GeoLiteCity.dat’ file to ‘GeoIPCity.dat’ and it shows GeoIP (PHP) installed. However, within minutes, the file gets renamed ' and GeoIP (PHP) stops working and shows ‘not installed’. ‘Default’ still shows installed. I’ve reinstated ‘GeoIPCity.dat’ several times with the same result. This happens even when ‘GeoIPCity.dat’ AND ‘’ are both resident.

As I said, this has only started happening for v2.1.0.

I definitely can’t work with the default GeoIP as it’s so inaccurate. It shows my IP as being in the UK when I’m in Finland!

the .new file is created by the geoip auto updater. if it does not work for you, disable it in Geolocation. Geo Locate your visitors - Analytics Platform - Matomo

I worked this out. It hadn’t been running automatically before v2.1.0, but activated itself after the update. Now disabled :slight_smile: