GeoIP2 Not able to report corect Country

(Somil Vijay) #1

My Current Location shown by Matomo is Singapore. Whereas I am in India.

As of now, Matomo is Not able to show the correct location for real-time visits. The country is always wrong.

I have 3.9.1 version of Matomo.

(Lukas Winkler) #2


Matomo just takes that location data it gets from the GeoIP2 module. So incorrect results may be because:

  • Maxmind doesn’t know the right location for your IP
  • in case you are using the free database keep in mind that it is less precise
  • you might have configured Matomo to take the geolocation of the anonymized IP (so of e.g.
  • your server is behind a reverse proxy and doesn’t see the real visitor IP