GeoIP question

Does the new geolocation service also use data from the ISP database from maxmind? I’d like to try it but I’d have to buy it first ;).

Yes it will work! ISO and ORG will work :slight_smile:

Let us know how it is going, since we have only tested with one I think. we will fix any problem.

could you please buy by clicking on: IP Geolocation and Online Fraud Prevention | MaxMind so we can test the affiliate link?

Bought through it and I’m gonna try it. The other dbs are a bit too expensive currently ;).

Cheers X(

Seems to work BUT …
I’m using the http server module for nginx and in the admin it also shows correctly and is selected - I still had to upload the db to the misc folder to have the detection working which seems to tell me that its still using the php detection method :-/.

Hi Thomas, the server based implementation will fall back to the php/pecl option if the IP whose location is requested isn’t the current IP. It’s possible there’s an issue (either w/ Piwik or the nginx config) w/ getting the current IP from Nginx.

Can you find out exactly what’s in $_SERVER (ie, by print_r($_SERVER))?

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Found the issue, please see GeoIP ServerBased not working when ip masquerading is enabled · Issue #3463 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub .