GeoIP (PECL) still giving me a incorrect location

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Recently, I found out that my location is not working on PIWIK. We are mostly an asian company but most of the clicks we’re getting from PIWIK are from USA. Also. our site is not public and is only used by our employees. So I researched and found that I needed to install a GEO location application to be able to specify correct locations.

So I did installed it on our XAMPP server. Now GeoIP (PECL) says it’s installed and now is active. But still doesn’t work.

For one, it says that I’m located in USA when I am clearly in Asia. I live in Singapore and most clicks are still from USA.

There’s this note:
Note: The ‘geoip.custom_directory’ PHP ini option is set to ‘’.

Piwik cannot find any GeoIP $_SERVER variables.

I Installed the GeoIp using this method here