GeoIP PECL or PHP running on webspace


i wondered if it is possible to get GeoIP (city) running on a webspace? I downloaded the necessary dat-file and copied it to /misc. then renamed it to GeoIPCity.dat and inside of my piwik the GeoIP (PHP) is green and marked as installed. Good so far. I choosed it. But under visitors > location and provider it says:
"There is no data for this report because there is no location data available. To enable accurate geolocation, change the settings here. " - for region and city. after this i commented out the whole part of “// try getting the pecl location provider” inside of /misc/other/geoipUpdateRows.php. but nevertheless it’s not running. do you guys have any idea?

and maybe you also know how to install this pecl on a webspace :smiley: i don’t have any rights to run putty or to get a console access to the server. for suggestions i would be very thankful.

Thanks a lot and
best regards

When piwik says it’s working and appears GREEN it should be OK (just wait for new visitors and new reports to see data populated?)