Geoip file inaccessible via the automatic tool in matomo

The tool that automatically downloads and installs a free geoip database stopped working for me.
For a week now everytime I try to use it I get this error message:
“Kon het bestand niet downloaden! Er kan iets fout gegaan zijn op de website waarvan je probeert te downloaden. Probeer het later opnieuw of download het bestand zelf.”
Which is Dutch (where o where can I change the languagesettings for Matomo!?) for:
“Could not download the file! Something may have gone wrong on the website you’re trying to download from. Please try again later or download the file yourself.”

After the first 10 times I tried to install the database manually. This however seems not to be noted by the matomo software, or I made an error myself doing this.

Any help much appreciated.

Best regards,


It is in the personal settings of your user. (or if you switch all the time like me look into Language Toogle - Matomo Plugins Marketplace)

There can be many things causing that. Does PHP have write access to misc/? Are you using the latest Matomo version? (It was broken for me until a fix in the latest one)
Did you extract the zip to misc and rename the file to GeoLite2-City.mmdb?

Hi Lukas,

Thank you, I got there thanks to your remarks:

  • where o whwere: yes overlooked that location, now found it: thank you;
  • I had the database in its own subdirectory, instead of directly in the misc/ subdirectory itself: now it is seen, and installed: thank you very much!


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