Geo-Tracking of Downloads


Hi there,

our customer would like to collect more information about downloads. Especially he wants to know if it’s possible to track how often and from where a file was downloaded (listed under Actions --> Download.)

For example:

  • File A was downloaded from users in USA 6x and from Germany 3x.
  • File B was downloaded from users in USA 5x, from users in UK 10x, and from users in Germany 0x

At the moment we’re still using Piwik 1.12. but it’s not impossible for us to migrate to the latest piwik version.

Thanks for your Feedback!

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

It is possible

  1. upgrade to latest piwik
  2. create a goal for the download file
  3. Look at Goals > Report for the goal and see conversion rate per country