Geo ip pecl installation not detected

My server has the PECL module installed, yet my Piwik installation cannot detect it. It can, however, detect the usual GeoIP (php) installation and use it. I would be grateful for any ideas to solve this discrepancy.

Also, right now Piwik only shows cities. Will installing PECL help detect the ORG values as well? Fyi my hosting service offers free awstat software that does report the geoip org values.


maybe restarting your webserver would help?

Thanks for the reply. I am hosted at Little Oak and they seem to have had this installation for a while (years?). As I mentioned before, awstats gives quite a detailed result for each IP from their server.

Is there a terminal command that I, as a normal user, can run to check what piwik checks for? If that gives a null result I can forward that to customer service.

Can I make the piwik install do something that might change what it detects?

I just checked and the awstats on the hosting server is indeed working with all maxmind databases (I can vouch that they have been doing so for at least half a year):

“(plugins: geoip_org_maxmind, geoip_city_maxmind, geoip)”

How do I get these to work with my piwik installation?

Another server admin reported that they do not have PECL installed, and so my point is moot. They have separate Maxmind licenses for awstats.

see: Geo Locate your visitors - Analytics Platform - Matomo