Generating same config_id in other enviroment

Hi all!

First of all I would like to apologize if my English is not clear enough for people to understand me.

I have a database with records of a web analytics application created by my own company. At this time both applications are running simultaneously. The fact is that we need to move that data to the piwik database, as this will be our only web analytics tool in the near future.

I think I have everything under control, except parameter “config_id” I’d like to generate it in the same condition that does piwik tracker. I know that is a concatenation of some parameters (browser name, browser version, plugins, ip) to which is applied a md5 hash, formatted as a binary, taking the first 8 characters. I think it’s all right here, right?

The point is that, apparently use the same algorithm config_id generation, but so far I have been unable to generate the same config_id piwik has generated for the same user (in terms of browser settings, ip, etc)

The other problem is that the company wants us to develop the solution, without using piwik classes (nonsense).

Can someone help me build the damn config_id value?

Thanks in advance.

well, that’s “non sense”, just reuse the code ok? B)-