Generating Custom Report With Wildcards or Regexes?

I have a client who is only interested in the hits on his blog pages.

I know I can request stats on a specific webpage using Actions.GetPageUrl, but is there a wildcard or regex function in the API that will generate a report using ALL pages that begin with “”?

I’ve tried using API.getBulkRequest, but that requires an array of specific URLs. Not only do I not relish the idea of handcoding hundreds of URLs into one mammoth API call, but it also would not update when new articles were added.

For example, I can request stats for just fine, but if I want a report that has and, all the way to article12053.html, what is an analyst to do?

Thanks :slight_smile:

You can use segmentation: Segmentation - Compare segments of visitors - Analytics Platform - Matomo

and try something like &

Awesome! It required a little tweaking, but it works now.

First, I had to swap the @= to =@, then I had to set the parameter “flat=1” to display the full path (/blog/article.html instead of just article.html).

Goodness, I love how flexible Piwik is. It’s like web analytics for gymnasts :stuck_out_tongue:

And if you need even more Custom reports feature, check this out: we have now released the Custom Reports feature for Piwik!

Custom reports lets you choose which dimensions and metrics you want to see. You can combine multiple dimensions (up to 3) and as many metrics as you need.
The custom reports can be emailed to your partners or customers, and have their own menu entry in the Piwik report list. You can even setup advanced filters to further customise the reports.

Learn more about the power of Custom Reports in the user guide: Custom Reports - Analytics Platform - Piwik
or FAQ: Custom Reports - Analytics Platform - Piwik

and have a wonderful end of year!