Generating archive-tables after log-table-manipulation

(AHS) #1

Hello everybody,
I am currently using Piwik as a evaluation tool. I have the piwik_log_action, the piwik_log_link_visit_action and the piwik_log_visit tables from another installation. Based on these information I’d like to clone Piwik into a local xampp.
All in all this methods works quite well. All information is rebuild correctly (as far as I can validate style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.gif ).

But one thing still bothers me. I really love the Entry/Exit Pages Feature, escpacially the grouping-function. The navigation uses a backend via one page to link to static-html-pages (show.html?page=x, shown below).

show.html?page=1 --> example.html
show.html?page=2 --> folder1/page.html
show.html?page=3 --> folder1/page2.html
show.html?page=4 --> folder2/page3.html

As I know the assignment within the backend I replaced the “shortlink” in the name-column in the piwik_log_action-table and regenerated the crc32-hash (hash-column). I dropped the piwik_archive_blob* and piwik_archive_numeric* tables and regenerated the whole archive.
But Entry/Exit Pages still shows the show.html?page=x links. And I really don’t know where Piwik takes the values from as they are in not log_table. Is it my fault?

Any help is appreciated.


(AHS) #2


The problem remains after a new Db build.

Any help is still appreciated.


(Matthieu Aubry) #3

If you replaced the values in the log_ table, and deleted all archive_ tables, it should work really…