Generated visit data


I think when i first insalled Piwik i used a plugin or something (that i’m unable to findback) that generated some “false stats” in the logs.

I have in the table …log_action a lot of stupid non existant web pages names like

  • http://localhost/g/1/g.tar.gz
  • g/e/2
  • 0index
And in the table ..log_visit i have a lot of data about linux users wich doesn't show when i look at the stats in Piwik. I also have two archives tables for the month of january while Piwik was installed at the end of may.

How can i get rid of the generated stats ?
Could i simply delete the rows with false data of the tables ?

(vipsoft) #2

Theoretically – I haven’t tried. You should delete your archive_ tables and generated data rows from log_visit, and then run from the command line to regenerate your archives.


I’ve deleted the archives, then deleted the “suspicious” data in log_action and log_visit. I can’t know what to delete from log_link_visit_action but still, doing that has cut the weight of the database from more than 6 MB to less than 3 MB.
As far as i can see, it’s still working perfectly.