Generate Visits Graph over many (10+) years

My Matomo / Piwik instance is running since 2008 and I want to create a graph of the visits evolution over the full time span.

The server is not that much powerful, and I am wondering if I have to upgrade it for just that task.

I understand that Piwik has several archiving tasks (cronjob is running) and I was expecting that data is also aggregated somehow regularily?

Now the problem is if I open the visitors overview for the full timespan:


I get a server error message because data takes to long to process (obviously).

From the URL I guess that is tries to analyse daily data - which I don’t need. A graph based the sums on weeks or month or even years would be enough.

Is there a way to set this “sampling” resolution somehow or is this impossible?



I found something - I can choose the resolution under the diagram and then the number of rows. Unfortunately it is limited to 120 monthly rows, even I have more data