General Usability regarding keywords

Hi everyone,

I notice that piwik tracks keywords very well from search engines.

Is there anyway to take a keyword and follow that particular user through their path within the website?

An example would be:

A user searches google for “big house to buy”…
they stumble onto my client website. (I see that in the piwik analytics easilly enough)
I want to then click “keywords” see “big house to buy” and then click another button (of which i do not see) to allow me to view that visitors tracks… where they went, how long they stayed…etc.

Im sure that stuff is all im piwik but how do I view it per keyword?

If I can track that type of thing I can really see how effective my websites are in delivering the information searched.

thank you

I’ll second that. Would be a great improvement.

Not possible yet, but when we implement Segmentation in the UI it will be (you could segment by a specific keyword that people used). see Segmentation in Piwik, phase 2: UI · Issue #2092 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub