I’ve been using piwik for more than a year now and I’ve updated to the last version like 2 weeks ago and everything was working fine. Today i created a new report and when i clicked on email report the page was stuck at loading… i tried to enter piwik again and now all i get is “General_ExceptionLanguageFileNotFound” when i am attempting to load the index.php page.
I checked the libs/lang/ folder and files and everything is there with permission 705. Weird thing is that i didn’t change anything and it suddenly happened. I also tried to remove the config.ini.php file in order to reinstall piwik, when i go to index.php instead of getting the installation page i still get the same page with error “General_ExceptionLanguageFileNotFound”.

Thanks in advance

Try using permissions 755 on your files, except those in the “tmp” subdirectory, where permissions 777 should be used.