General_ExceptionConfigurationFileNotFound Installation Error

HI ,

I just downloaded and uploaded the new version of piwik in my server , and when I go in my browser and point to the URL where my folder is I get an error :

This is a new install I have not installed piwik before

could you help me whats the problem?


could you please try this version?

ok i will try it now

still getting the same error even with the one you gave me ??

could you help me solve the problem?

Can you change the permission of your config/config.ini.php to CHMOD 777 ? This may fix the problem that the file is not readable.

I dont have that file in config/ folder

Check that your config/ folder itself has permission 755 or 777 maybe this would help?

it has 755 permission

I changged it to 777 and still same error ?>

does the script work?

I fixed it , it was a permission problem , now I have installed it and it works , I don’t see any data yet? how long does it take to show some data