GDPR Tools - No filter visible


Setup : Matomo 3.5.1, PHP: 7.1.13

When accessing the GDPR tool, I can’t use the search tool, because there’s no visible filter, only ‘‘Find data subjects by’’, then the ‘‘FIND MATCHING DATA SUBJECTS’’ button, and nothing in between.
I used the one-click update without any warning or error.

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance for any hint.


It should look like this:

Can you maybe check your browser’s developer tools if there is an error in the console? Maybe there is an adblocker hiding this block?

Hello, and thank you for your quick answer.

I have the same behavior with Firefox, Chrome and IE, all in last version. In firefox, I deactivated AdBlock Plus extension, to no avail.

I’m not used to developper tool, however, I pressed F12 in Firefox, then chose the ‘Console’, reloaded the page, and there appears the warning ‘Échec du chargement pour l’élément dont la source est « blob:https://my_site_url/56564374-3cd5-482c-be71-8248c143bb5d ».’ If I browse elsewhere, then go back to the GDPR tools, no message appears in the console.