GDPR Tool delete issue

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to delete some logs of a website using GDPR Tool, but I’m having a Issue when query exceeds 400 records. Matomo returns an error message saying “Please specify a value for ‘visits’”.
If query is under 400 records everything is fine.

Matomo On-Premises 3.14.0
PHP 7.0.33
Windows Server 2019


The GDPR tools are using the normal API to make requests, so can you open your browsers developer tools and check if the request in the network tab (when you click on delete or export) looks correct.

I cannot see any error, it seems that message it’s returned by the API


This request should be a POST request with a list of idvisit/idsite pairs (and the secret token_auth)


Can you also check in the console if the two errors are maybe related?

Matomo5 is showing a GET performed by me after checked logs, but in Matomo4 you can see the action performed by Matomo

why is happening sometimes? I mean when query has too many rows