GA3 imporing ok, but impossible to setup GA4

Hi, in the same google analytics account i have two properties.

The GA3 import works perfectly, but in GA4 i get this error:

{ “message”: “The value for the ‘name’ field was invalid but must be in format ‘properties/123’.”, “code”: 3, “status”: “INVALID_ARGUMENT”, “details”: [] }

Im ussing the purposed format properties/{propertie number}

Could you help me?

Ok, solved.

The field leyend its not correct. The correct format is “properties/propiertie number” instead of properties/{propertie number} in adicion you have to add the Google Analytics Data API if you want to import GA4 data.

Matomo Devs ¿Why not make it more usable requiring just the propiertie number? Most of us are Marketers not Devs.