Funnels exit on same page

Hi, we are using the funnels plugin and are facing a weird problem which kills the whole statistic:
Its a funnel through several webpages. Only first and last step are setup as required, so my understanding the others could appear in any order.
Now the first step is setup with “path ends with” /home
Next one is path ends with /page1
now between the two steps I have 90% exists to …same url/home???
Why does the funnel track an exit on the same page? I even tried to setup a second not mandatory /home step to fix that problem, but it doesnt help.
Any idea whats going wrong?

Hi Mascha,

The way you describe is the expected behaviour of funnel tracking: a Funnel step is activated from PageA -> PageA when the user views the same page several times in a row.
The step matching url “Home” will be activated because it is at the top most position of the funnel.

To help further could you please post a screenshot of your funnel report showing the funnel definition?