[Funnels] Any Site Search step


Matomo v3.11.0 (Site Search activated)
Funnels v3.1.14

I’m trying to create a funnel as follows

The Goal : custom on-click event (confirmed working)

Step 1 (required): Any Site Search

Step 2 (required): Click on one result page (the link that generates the event is on a result page)

I’m struggling with step 1, as the only comparison on keyword (Site Search) available in funnels is “Contains”. (When defining segments, keyword “is not” empty string allows me to define any site search)

I tried to work around it using a regular expression on the URL, but it seems that when a URL is detected as a site search, is not matched with further expressions, so the entry point of the funnel is never detected.

Am I missing something here?

Hi there,

Do you have search parameter in your URL? Perhaps you could use contains search or whatever your search a parameter is?


I have an URL like

I tried the comparison “URL contains” = “query”, and despite the URL passing the test in the Create Goal interface, the funnel is not registered.

I found that “URL contains” ‘/data/datasets?’ solves the original problem in my post. However, the next step for me is to create a funnel for visitors that used a search filter (the ‘country=de’ part in the URL above filters results by country). I tried “URL contains” = ‘country=’, but again, despite the above URL passing the test at goal creation time, the funnel is not registered when a complying visit arrives.

I guess I can try creating events when visitors click on filters, but this is a bit cumbersome if you could use URLs. Therefore, the core question remains: why an URL that is detected as site search cannot be further processed with a pattern matching rule / comparison?

Hi there,

Sorry for the delay.

The plugin was updated recently, can you try again and let us know if the issue remains?