Funnel Plugin only displays the text "Funnels Management"

I’m trying to use jesstelford’s fork of the mysociety Funnels plugin on Piwik 1.5.1. I’ve been able to activate it, but it only displays the text “Funnels Management”.

According to Plugin to provide funnel analysis report · Issue #5640 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub , people have had an issue like this before. Could anyone point me in the right direction to fix this and get funnels working?

please contact the author of the plugin / fork directly

I spoke with jesstelford directly and he informed me that you have to create a Goal before the Funnels plugin will display anything.

I created some Goals, and now the plugin is working correctly. Thank you.

We’ve just launched the new Funnels premium plugin! The premium Funnels plugin provides really powerful Conversion Funnels analytics directly in Piwik. Learn more & get the plugin in the Funnel Marketplace page. Check the Funnels User Guide and Funnels FAQ for more information. This plugin will help you increase conversions by showing you where visitors drop off the funnel. Funnels visualizes the steps your users take to complete a goal or purchase to instantly see how well they succeed or fail at each step. Based on this information you can evaluate your success and improve your website or app to boost your conversion rates (CRO) and sales. We have put a lot of love into Funnels to integrate it super nicely into Piwik!