Funnel Plugin - how to get it working on current Piwiks?


I saw this plugin:
Does it work with a current version? (1.8.4)
And it seems as if it’s not really maintained.

Is there an alternative?
Or am I just wrong and can use this one?

And how / where would I download it for testing?

Thanks, Chris


Piwik 1.9 will include a new feature called “transitions”. It has some resemblances to the funnel plugin. Check this post:,94310



That looks very good - so I’ll just be patient :slight_smile:

Thank you


The premium Funnels plugin provides really powerful Conversion Funnels analytics directly in Piwik. Learn more & get the plugin in the Funnel Marketplace page. Check the Funnels User Guide and Funnels FAQ for more information. Looking forward to hearing your feedback!