Funnel: I don't understand the values

I don’t understand the data from

Step 1: 195125 entries / visits and 81872 proceeded (so it means 81872 who go to step 2)
Step 2: 1 entry so the number of visits should be 81872 + 1 = 81873. But the graph displays 86353 visits. I don’t understand. Then 1847 proceeded (so it means 1847 who go to step 3)
Step 3: 0 entries so the number of visits should be the same than the number of proceeders of step 2, but it is not the case.

Or maybe I missed something

Also, about the percentage (42%, 2%, 1%), is it calculated based on number of visits in step 1, or just based on the number of visits of the current step? (not the case in step 3)

Hi Philippe,

Thanks for pointing this out. It is indeed not expected. It might be due to the way the data generated for the demo site (not real world data) causing this anomaly. The team are investigating and we will let you know of any updates.