Full URL report, not by category


Why do you have hits referenced to an entire directory? When it is individual pages or folders inside that directory get the hits. Hits should NOT be associated to a directory when the directory has a multitude of pages within it. And the only way to see individual hits is to have it ‘loaded’.

For example:
Our directory ‘Pages’ which holds micro sites.
In the listing of hits, pages is the top ranked ‘folder’ (when it should list pages!) with 1323 hits, when pages does not even have an index page we make accessible.

Also… why do you only return these folder names and not the nested files when calling up the API? I see no way to get hits of the pages nested inside a folder. ONLY a grand total of hits to that folder, which is completely useless.

So if I wanted to generate my own list of stats, separated out. Say show… general pages, easy, done. BUT… we wanted to show how many hits our customer pages has gotten, but… cant be done because you don’t return nested pages! Only the ‘folder’.

http://www.pets4you.com/wtf.html is what I mean.
Creating my own script to put information.

But would LOVE to be able to get what is listed under pages, in its own listing as we show two sets of stats. Pages that are important and separated out.
Like here: http://www.pets4you.com/stats/

Its a great app.
But… some of your methods make no sense at all what so ever. Plain and simple, no one cares how many hits an entire folder has, rather, how many hits the pages INSIDE the folder have. Yes… you show it after clicking down the tree to get it.
(Any ways, damn headaches so pardon if I come across ass-hole-ish)

Any way to get what I want to list listed? Do I honestly have to do one call, that has the folder and do another call to get that folder? Then continue to loop till I get the pages I wanted? Seems redundant to me.

(vipsoft) #2

By default, the ‘/’ (slash) is used as a category separator. You can override this by setting the “action_url_category_delimiter” in config.ini.php. (See global.ini.php.) See also: How to - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Please refer to the API documentation. I believe you’ll want to use the '“expanded” parameter. http://dev.piwik.org/trac/wiki/API/Reference#Otheroptionalparameters

(Matthieu Aubry) #3

You can indeed use expanded=1 to fetch all data recursively.

Vipsoft suggestion is what you want to look at (change url separator, not /)

But this is also a feature request to have a flat URL report: Api function Actions.getPageUrls should make it easy to search for a given URL or path · Issue #1363 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub