Full URL on Outlink


Hi All,

Hopefully a simple newbie question

I have the outlinks reporting the number of clicks on a link to another site and showing the domain name of the site the click relate to. However I would like to have the full url (www.somesite.com/advert01.php). Is this possible and can someone tell me how to do it if it is :slight_smile:

Many thanks in advance


(Matthieu Aubry) #2

You can click on the link in the sub table and access the full link


Sorry I was not clear in my question.

I understand that I can view the full url, including the relevant page name by clicking the + sign. What I was trying to ask is that if this could be shown without the need to click the + and show the sub table.

As an example, hopefully :slight_smile:
The site contains 3 links out to another site (abc123.com) but references 3 different pages on that other site (Page A, Page B and Page C).

Currently the report will show the number of clicks into the main url (abc123.com = 4 clicks) but the detail requires viewing the sub tables. (abc123.com/Page A = 2, abc123.com/Page B = 1, abc123.com/Page C = 1).

I was asking if there is a way to show the above detail without having to drill down.

The data display that I was hoping to get would be similar to the Actions/Pages report.

Thanks in advance