Full table scan overloading the DB


We are using Piwik with millions of daily page visits and in the last few days, we’ve detected some heavy activity in the database. After further inspection, we’ve detected a full table scan in the MySQL logs in, from what I understand, the archiving process:

– Connection Id: 545497
– User: piwik_u
– Host:
– DB: piwik
– Command: Query
– Time: 8
– State: query end
UPDATE piwik_log_link_visit_action SET time_spent = ‘204’ WHERE idlink_va = ‘66068057’

Here is the full log

I’m worried that a fulltable scan might be to harsh for the amount of requests we are receiving, and that the DB might not be able to handle it. Can you help us out?

Hello, make sure you use Piwik 3, and that your tables are INNODB engine


Thank you for the response, but I’m already using Piwik 3 (3.0.5), I’ve checked all the tables, and they are all using InnoDB engine.